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>>>  Freight: Flat rate 18 EUR  |  Free freight at order value above 700 EUR   <<<

Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery


All prices are excluding VAT and shipping. For current prices, see our website


Vendora Nordic has 12 months warranty on its regular product range as applicable. The warranty period counts from the date of invoice.


Vendora Nordic applies transparent pricing where quantity discounts are given in fixed steps, so-called graded tariffs, specified in our webshop.

Delivery methods

Schenker Parcel, FedEx, DHL, UPS, fixed price of 18 EUR excl. VAT per order. Free freight at order value above 700 EUR


Backorders will generally be delivered without shipping costs. 


For credit-approved customers via invoice.
For non-credit approved customers via Collect Cash/On Delivery/Credit Cards.
Vendora Nordic makes reservations for any typographical errors on our website or any other publication issued by us.

Return of defective products

All products returned must be provided with an RMA number, which you apply for via email to

The return number is valid up to 30 days after issuance.

Goods arriving at Vendora unmarked, without a valid RMA number, or that do not comply with the RMA number, will be returned to the sender without measure. Return shipping will be charged to the sender.

If you return a product to Vendora for a complaint and this does not show the errors you indicated, you will be charged a diagnostic fee of 350:- plus return shipping.

Vendora Nordic reserves the right to determine whether a returned product will be repaired, replaced by an identical, equivalent product, or credited if the warranty product is discontinued.

To avoid transport damage, the original packaging or shipping package approved by the carrier should be used. Transport damage caused by inadequate packaging is not included in the warranty commitment of Vendora Nordic.

Issuance of an RMA number does not mean Vendora has approved your product for any measure.

Transport damage

Transport damage must be claimed against the carrier.

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