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Vifa Oslo - Noble and discrete and a tour of style

More than meets the eye

Let your eyes follow the rim of the rounded shapes.
See the softness, sense how the cover carefully encapsulates the technology inside. Your first time with Oslo will touch your eyes and open your senses. The vivid colors, the surprising texture, the sensation that is much more below the surface. The embroidered volume buttons at the front, hinting: I am a loudspeaker. Inviting you to approach, explore, discover.

Oslo is for real. Oslo is authentic, Oslo is genuine. An upright, compact design that whispers "Move me around, place it where you want." It's Nordic aesthetics at its finest: Non-intrusive and discreet, yet remarkably confident about the statement it makes in any interior.

Look at the lines and lines in the most laid-back luxury one could imagine. No bragging, no bling. Simply made to be noticed.

IF Gold Award 

The Oslo loudspeaker just received the extremely prestigious iF GOLD AWARD for its outstanding design. "The Danish-designed Vifa Oslo is a well-appointed Bluetooth speaker that will look great in your living room: the perfect link between technology, sound quality, and long-lasting design. The soft and well-formed act extends in a single stroke from the speaker body, while upholstery-grade fabric covers the rest of the unit. The interface is hidden. These are the words of the jury behind the German iF International Forum Design award, justifying the choice of Oslo for the special iF GOLD AWARD.

Perfect Imperfection

A soft texture. A warm touch. The surprising feel of Oslo comes from its wool cover. Selected yarns are carefully woven into a specific pattern, designed by Kvadrat. Reflection and intuition accompanied by the entire work process during which Kvadrat translated their tactile knowledge to the domain of sound. Numerous hours and heaps of rough, smooth, bulky or silky weaving samples later, the fabric created is essential to the entire product experience. It appeals to the eye, the ears, and your fingertips. Wool is perfect natural imperfection; it's comfort and coziness; It's a reassuring, basic feel. A universal material, revered through time for its resistance and the way it ages beautifully. By a simple touch of Oslo you will truly understand the craftsmanship, the durability and the inherent quality of this product and the materials it's made of: What you feel is what you get.

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Mått: 3340 x 3830 x 1560 mm
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