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Sensibo AirQ Filter

  • Turns your existing AC into an air purifier
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy set-up
  • Get real-time alerts via the Sensibo App

Meet Sensibo AirQ - Turn your existing AC into an air purifier
Anti-viral AC filters to keep your loved ones healthy and energised

High Performance, Inexpensive
No need to buy a big, expensive air purifier. With our  AirQ anti-viral filters, your existing AC turns into a powerful air purifier.

Get Realtime Outdoor Air Pollution Alerts
The Sensibo app will alert you to close your windows when high levels of outdoor pollution are detected, prompting you to turn on your AC fan to filter the air.

Breathe Clean Air & Protect Your Health
Protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful viruses and airborne contaminants with our medical grade AC filters.

Your AC + Sensibo AirQ Filters = A High-Performance Air Purifier
Your air conditioner has all the power and hardware to outperform a standard air purifier, but it's missing a crucial component, pollution neutralising filter. The current filter in your AC isn't designed to stop fine airborne particles like PM10, PM2.5, dust, pollen, mould spores, odours, bacteria and viruses. But with the AirQ anti-viral filters you can filter and neutralize all of these pollutants.

Get started in under 5 minutes, no tools required!

1. Download the Sensibo App
2. Attach the Filters
3. Keep Cool & Breathe Easy

Download & install the Sensibo app and follow the instructions
Stick the anti-viral filters to your existing AC filters using the supplied tape
Enjoy breathing safe and fresh air from your air conditioner

Medical grade filters 
Powered by IN-EX medical-grade filtration, the Sensibo AirQ anti-viral filters employ a unique technology to kill and eliminate COVID-19 and other viruses from the air you breathe. This is accomplished through an innovative sonochemical process that embeds copper oxide molecules into the filter’s fibres. This method has been found to be safe, effective and durable.

Lab-tested on
SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) & H1N1 (flu) viruses

Stronger than HEPA
Tested in leading independent microbiological laboratories on live versions of viruses, the
IN-EX medical filters have been shown to kill 98.8% of airborne contaminants causing harmful diseases. Among these are COVID-19 and the H1N1 flu.

Supports any split / ductless air conditioner or heat pump
Easily set up in minutes!
Simply stick the AirQ anti-viral filters on top of your existing AC filters using the supplied tape. The AirQ anti-viral filters fit any air conditioner size and are designed to cover 30%-50% of your existing filters. Now you can breathe fresh clean air!

Already Own a Sensibo AC Controller?
Automatically Activates Your AC fan when Air Quality is Low

Get live air quality notifications when high levels of outdoor pollutants are detected. The Sensibo app will prompt you to shut your windows and will automatically activate your AC fan to begin filtering your air.

Don't have a Sensibo device? You will still get the same air pollution notifications alerting you to close your windows and turn on your air-purifying AC.

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