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Paperlike screen protector for Pad mini 6 (2021) Paperlike screen protector for Pad mini 6 (2021) Paperlike screen protector for Pad mini 6 (2021)

Paperlike screen protector for Pad mini 6 (2021)

Paperlike — The original iPad screen protector for creators and doers. An iPad combined with an Apple Pencil is a powerful tool well suited for almost any challenge. Creating digital art, taking notes in class or a meeting, and even replacing a laptop completely - the iPad is up for it. But one thing still isn't right: drawing or writing on the iPad feels like plastic on the glass. It's slippery, unprecise, and quickly tiring. The Paperlike fixes this issue. With its Nanodots® surface technology, the Paperlike screen protector provides just the right amount of friction, so the Apple Pencil glides smoothly over the screen. It is built to emulate the feel of a pencil on paper, a feeling coming up short too often in digital work life. You can expect:

  • More precision while drawing
  • A more legible handwriting
  • Better endurance and less hand tiring
  • The enjoyable feel of paper

The Nanodots® surface reduces the typical rainbow effect of matte screen protectors and Pencil tip usage to a minimum. Tens of thousands of Artists, students, notetakers: Creators and doers all around the world love their Paperlike. Finally, they have an excellent device on their iPad.

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ETA: 2021-11-17 / 100 pcs entering
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Carton: 1/10
Item ID: PL2-08-21
EAN: 4260470099300
Mått: 240 x 340 x 2 mm
Vikt: 103 g
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