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Lite bulb moments

Lite bulb moments - Germicidal UV-C lighting

E27 UVC +27000-6500K Clear Glass Filament

Lite Bulb Moments UVC Smart Care incl. Smart base
(This product contains 2 separate products, and they must only be used together)


  • Reduces and neutralize Virus, Mold and Bacteria
  • ​Dimmable
  • Timer
  • Routines and scenes in the Lite app and multiple users can control the devices
  • Google Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa

Lite Bulb Moments UVC Smart Care light, neutralize Virus, Mold and Bacteria.
The UV-C light must only be used together with the smart base. The smart base is an E27 and is connected like a normal lamp/bulb. The UV-C light is inserted directly into the base.
The Smart Care light can disinfect rooms up to 20 Sqm.  

In the smart base, you will find an LED ring. This ring acts like a normal light when you are in the room, but it will automatically turn off when the UV-C lights are turned on. If the UV-C light is turned on and there is movement in the room, the sensor will automatically turn off the UV-C light and turn on the LED ring.  

Lite Bulb Moments Smart Care solution is approved and certified by 2 Danish test facilities. The Danish Technological institute and House Test Aps. 

The Smart Care light connects easily to your WI-FI network, without any hassle.
The Lite app supports 12 different languages including the Nordic languages.
The Lite app is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa which enable voice control. 

Setup/ installation
2.4G + 5GHz Router Support, even if the Wi-Fi connection is one SSID.
The products will automatically find the way to the 2,4 GHz Channel.
This means that if you have a Wi-Fi router that has a combined channel (2,4 - 5GHz), you will have no problems and can very easily connect/ install the products.
The light supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
Use the step by step guide in the app or go to: 

You find the Lite - app in Google Play Store or in Apple App Store.
App name: Lite bulb moments

The Lite Bulb Moments products have a long lifetime and are 100% reusable.
The Lite Bulb Moments retail packaging is FSC approved.

Smart home
The lights can be included into different Smart home systems out of the box.
In the Lite- app you create routines and scenes that suit your needs.

You can make a rule that all your lights should turn on, when you are near your home, and the other way around, turn off when you leave home.

You can have a routine, that the UV-C light must turn on at 1.30 every night or all nights, except Saturday and Sundays. 

Google integration
If you connect the light to a Google Home assistant, you can control the lights via voice commands. Google Home assistant is your personal voice activated assistant that can help you with different tasks.

You can say “Hey Google”

"Turn on the lights in the living room"

It's only your imagination that will set the boundaries.


Read the test analysis reports on the effects of the Smart Care UV-C light from House Test and The Danish Technological Institute

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